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Danish guy with a passion for digital design

About me

My name is Andreas Vendelbo and I’m a 19 year old graphic design student from Aarhus, Denmark. I graduated college in summer 2018, where I was studying Communication/IT and Design.

When I’m not designing, I enjoy gaming and running. I'm a 'down-to-earth' guy, which means I'm totally calm. I'm passionate about designing and love doing it in my spare time.


I’ve been using Adobe programs for many years, where I want to specialize in digital design. This includes web design, app design and branding. Recently I've started to learn some coding languages including HTML and CSS, where I have a basic understanding.

I think the best projects are created in a good cooperation with the client, so that we find the perfect design solution for your needs. My motto is “Keep it simple, stupid”, which is what I do in designing. My style is therefore based in a minimal, simple and modern style.

Web Design
Digital Strategy

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